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About Us


The CharityMalaysia.com domain name was created on 1st December 2006.  We officially launched CharityMalaysia on July 8, 2007.


This site was created to meet the following needs:-



Allow needy people and organisations to raise funds easily, safely, conveniently and efficiently.

Allow funds from donors and philanthropists to reach the needy in a secure and efficient manner.

The creators of this site had the following objectives in mind:-




To help prevent public donations from ending up in the pockets of people who least need help.

To set a standard in professional fund-raising.

To break new ground to be ethical and accountable in an area of philanthropy where there are currently no laws governing the way funds can be raised or used.



To provide an alternative for NGOs and charitable bodies for professional fundraising.

To be fully transparent to both charitable organisations and donors.  We will let you how much of your precious resources have gone to the charities as well as how much we have received.




To assist the authorities to monitor funds disbursed by us, in order to prevent abuse.

To assist small charities like orphanages in the big task of fundraising.

To keep and allow donors to search for information on the latest urgent and deserving cases of charity.  They usually appear in the media. However, by the time the donors manage to find the time and resources they are not able to easily trace and channel their funds to these worthy causes.



Charity Malaysia's patron, Datuk Seri Dr Christopher Heng Kee Chai

Datuk Seri Dr Christopher K.C. Heng qualified as a Malaysian Chartered Accountant since 1987. He is also a Fellow Member the Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia (CTIM), Fellow Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Fellow Member of CPA Australia and a Member of the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

He graduated with his Bachelor of Arts (Financial Management) in Eckerd College (formerly known as Florida Presbyterian College), Master of Business Administration in the University of Wales (Swansea Institute) and his Doctorate of Science (Finance) in Kursk State Technical University.

Professional Exposure: He is an Approved Company Auditor and Tax Agent. His professional exposure of more than 28 years includes accounting, auditing, taxation, corporate and financial management, training consultancy and strategic management consultancy. He was also academic adviser and consultant for a few Institutions of Higher Learning in Malaysia and appointed as Director in various companies including property holding, investment holding and international companies.

Professional Contributions: He was the Branch Committee and Chairman of the Students Affairs Sub-Committee of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, (previously known as) the Malaysian Branch. He is currently the Chairman of LEADING EDGE ALLIANCE MALAYSIA and the Contact Partner in Malaysia of the LEADING EDGE ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL (LEA) - LEA is ranked as the 2nd. largest international professional association of independently-owned accounting and consulting firms



The co-founders of the site are Saranjeet Singh, Andrew Chia and Dariff Din.


Mr Saranjeet Singh is from Kuala Lumpur, born in 1967.  CharityMalaysia.com is his brainchild.  He heads our marketing team.  Saranjeet is a go-getter with a proven track record in marketing and project management, a capable planner and businessman.  He has always felt it a pity that many do-good organisations have to practically beg for money to maintain their noble cause.  Saranjeet has been a regular donor to these projects but regretted that his efforts are not enough.


Mr Andrew Chia lives in Kuala Lumpur and was born in 1962.  A full-time investor by profession, he is in charge of the implementation of this project.  Andrew's passion is in teaching the new subject of Financial Intelligence.  He thinks that financial ignorance is hurting a lot of people everyday.  He has written an international bestselling book on the subject titled Money Secrets which has been accepted by the National Library under the Dana Penulis programme to be read at all library outlets throughout the country. His aim is to set up a fund to for this purpose to educate Malaysians on how to achieve financial independence.  Andrew loves travelling and durians.


En Dariff Din hails from Kuala Lumpur and was also born in 1962.  Dariff has been active in charitable organisations since his school days.  He is currently a network marketer.  Dariff's passion, amongst other things, is in computers.  He loves to explore the new dimensions in both hardware and software.


Mr Hugo Chong, 51, is our Project Director and he holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship. He also has training in Accounting and Finance and is happily married with a sweet daughter who is doing her degree at University Malaya right now. Hugo is a former banker in charge of overseas operations with a leading bank in Malaysia. A result-driven leader with vast entrepreneurial and corporate experiences, Hugo is eager to contribute his expertise to help others realize their entrepreneurial talents and drive towards maximizing financial benefits and optimizing operational performance in whatever ventures they are involved in, both individually or as a corporate identity.

Hugo spent his last 25 years in corporate management as well as developing entrepreneurial ventures. He also owns general hardware business and was successful in building four hardware stores which he still owns.



Mr Marc Leong for initially setting up the website on a very tight budget. Ref. Bronox.com.

Mr Kanicen for his untiring efforts in continuously improving the website.  Ref.  i1WebSifu.com. Kanicen is Andrew Chia's Internet marketing coach and is currently heading the online marketing and SEO for this project.

Pastor Alvin Tan, Chairman, Sunbeams Home for endorsing this project. Ref: SunbeamsHome.org.







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