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Category Children
Charity Name Tara Bhavan Welfare Home For Children
Address No. 63, Jalan Duku, Kg Kasipillay
51200 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone Tel: +6-03-4044 3381, Fax: +6-03-4021 6001
Handphone 019-322 4111
Website www.tarabhavan.com.my
Email helen.tarabhavan@ymail.com
Person in Charge Poonam Kukreja
Donations required Money for our new home, food, clothing, books, stationery, etc
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Listed on October 5, 2008
Last updated December 22 , 2008

Established on 14th February 1999, Tara Bhavan is a home for under privileged children in Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia. Tara (meaning Star) and Bhavan (meaning Home) gives not only shelter to 33 children currently but also security, hope and a sense of belonging. The children living at Tara Bhavan come from poverty stricken backgrounds, are abandoned or orphans and range from 5 to 17 years old. Tara Bhavan, through fundraising, ensures the children receive shelter, education, medical care, sporting opportunities along with morals, principles and the opportunity to succeed in their chosen path. Tara Bhavan see their main responsibility as preparing each child with the tools to grow into good, respectable and happy people.


We are trying to raise money to build a new home for Tara Bhavan. The existing home has been great but we are looking to build a bigger home to accommodate more children and to act as a more solid structure for the children to call home.


Our Children


We already have the plans for our ideal new home – it will be 2 storeys with separate boys and girls bedrooms, and space to accommodate education areas for books, PC usage and other essential skills for the children which will help them to succeed along their chosen path once they leave the home.


This larger home will help us to help more children and also to offer them more facilities than our existing home allows.


We estimate to need approximately RM1,000,000. We know this is an ambitious goal but with your help we can start our journey toward that goal. We have set a target of 2010 which gives us 2 years to raise enough money to start the building work.


We have the support of local businesses, a local architect, builders and a committee of volunteers but unfortunately we need the money to make this work.


Our work to date has been very successful and we hope the home of the future will continue to go from strength to strength 


We are going to hold some fundraising events to help us to achieve our goal but donations are obviously accepted all year round.


If you can help us, every Ringgit, $, ₤, €, Bhat, Franc, Peso, Rupee etc will help us to achieve our goal.


You can donate quickly on-line here with Visa or Mastercard or through your Paypal account. If you prefer to send us cheques unfortunately we can only accept these in Malaysian currency. We will of course accept cash in any currency.


Please make cheques payable to TARA FOUNDATION BUILDING FUND
Please send all cheques to

Poonam Kukreja, Tara Bhavan, 63 Jalan Duku, Kg.Kasipillay, 51200 Kuala Lumpur


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You may make cheques payable to the above-mentioned accounts or to "Charity Resources" at,

No. 519, Jalan Riang 12

Taman Gembira

58200 Kuala Lumpur

EON Bank Account No. 0095-10-003529-6

Email: admin@charitymalaysia.com



Donate Payment System





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