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Category Children
Charity Name Women's Aid Organisation
Address P.O. Box 493, Jalan Sultan, 46760 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Telephone Tel: +6-03-7957 5636, 7957 0636, Fax: +6-03-7956 3237
Handphone 012-313 8850
Website www.wao.org.my
Email wao@po.jaring.my

Person in Charge

Ms Meera Samanther, President

Donations required RM80,000 per month
Total donations todate  
Bank Account No.

Public Bank account: Account No. 4‐5230685‐13
(Women’s Aid Organisation)

Listed on November 3, 2008
Last updated November 3, 2008

Women’s Aid Organisation (“WAO”) would like to appeal for much-needed donation to run its Refuge for women and save its Child Care Centre from closure.


The Refuge and Child Care Centre are essential services provided by WAO for women and children facing domestic abuse and violence.  They are almost always a place of refuge and shelter of last resort.


Women and children who face domestic abuse and violence are often financially dependant on the very people who abuse them namely, husbands or fathers.  The Refuge and Child Care Centre makes it possible for women to remove themselves and their children from an environment of fear, oppression and violence, an option which is otherwise impossible for them to contemplate as most mothers would never leave an abusive home without their children.


The Refuge and Child Care Centre is more than just a place to shelter and hide from harm’s way.  At the Refuge, women receive much needed counselling to repair emotional wounds brought about by years of mental anguish, fear and trauma.  They are accompanied to hospitals to receive medical aid.  They receive legal help and representation in court.  They receive skills development and job placements.  They receive assistance to secure public housing.


At the Child Care Centre, children too are given counselling so that they do not perpetuate the cycle of violence.  They receive free tuition, are given school bus fares and lunch allowances.  They get school uniforms, bags and stationery.  They receive emotional support, recreational activities and educational programmes.


At WAO, we do not believe that counselling and sympathy is enough.  We are committed to providing the kind of assistance that gives women the option to remove themselves and their children from an abusive and violent environment.  We believe these victims of violence should be given the opportunity to start a new life with dignity and free from violence.

Since the Refuge was set up some 26 years ago, nearly 5000 women and children have sought its shelter.  It renders an average of 1200 telephone counselling, 100 face to face counselling and 100 email enquiries per year.


WAO relies substantially on public donation to provide its services.  The Government through the Welfare Department contributes RM8,500 per month, a welcomed contribution, but hardly enough to meet its RM80,000 per month running costs and expenses.


We appreciate that we are asking for your donation in these very difficult times.  It is because of these very difficult times that have resulted in a dramatic reduction in public donation to WAO.  That has forced WAO to implement with immediate affect a 10% pay cut for its entire staff. 


More painfully, if we are unable to raise funds we may be forced to shut down the Child Care Centre next year and force through a reduction in services at its Refuge.  These are necessary measures that it has to take.  As a non-profit organisation, WAO cannot incur expenses, no matter how worthy the cause is, unless it receives public donation to help it fund its programmes.


It is in such dire circumstances that I write this letter of appeal to you, hoping that you would hear our plea and help us in this hour of need. 

P/s: Your donation is tax-deductible.  Please make your cheques payable to


Women’s Aid Organisation’.
Postal address: Women's Aid Organisation,
PO Box, 493, Jalan Sultan,
46760 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor, Malaysia. 

For further information on our services and how to donate, please log on to our website at www.wao.org.my. Or call us at 03- 79575636/0379570636



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